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i’m definitely in the wrong line of work “@UberFacts : Sand castle consultants can make as much as $6,000 a week.”
11 minutes ago
man, no matter where i go, jeff buckley always seems to find me
5 hours ago
at a total emotional break-even after racing in a panic across town to respond to a false fire alarm in my studio #flustered #grateful
1 day ago
RT @noisetrade : Weekend Edition: Interview with Shovels & Rope and other not-to-be-missed features!
2 days ago
grew up skateboarding, but not much in recent years. did 6 ollies today at a friend’s house. now, i can barely walk. #sothisis40
3 days ago
this is an anxiety medicine, right? i hope so, because i just put a lot of it in my coffee.…
3 days ago
hey everyone: i’ve never done a #ff , but seriously, follow my friend @jeffgrant4real . he’s like a 3d printer on a crystal ball.
5 days ago
it’s a good thing i love my work so much. because it never stops. #ever
Jul 19th
RT @joshjamestaylor : Cannot wait to show you guys this week's Messy Mondays episode. So excited.
Jul 18th
RT @big_dread : A film for cynical Christians: @BelieveMeFilm . Harmony of the Universe: @derekwebb & @donaldmiller were at the preview tonite.
Jul 18th
cool to see @NoiseTrade ’s own @elijahnewman (head of support) on the front page giving away his first solo album:
Jul 17th
RT @mixtusmedia : We are thrilled to be featured on @NoiseTradeBooks today! Download our two free #ebooks here:
Jun 25th
RT @noisetrade : Editors' Choice: Propaganda's brand new album Crimson Cord, plus exclusive music from Matt Pond and More!
Apr 29th
i can’t believe there’s only 20 minutes left. so much more amazing storytelling left. #BC30
Mar 24th
what in the world is claire’s dad doing that whole time in the car?? just watching that happen. no honking or anything? #BC30
Mar 24th
personally, i liked allison better before. but you know, whatever inflates your football andrew. #BC30
Mar 24th
the moment the breakfast club appoints their official spokesperson. #brianisthesmartest #BC30
Mar 24th
the way brian is dancing is exactly how i dance. #donttellanyone #BC30
Mar 24th
allison didn’t have anything better to do. best moment in the best scene in the film. #BC30
Mar 24th
“without lamps, there’d be no light.” #BC30
Mar 24th