Derek Webb - Online House Show, 9/18/2015
  • Derek Webb - Online House Show, 9/18/2015
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On September 18, 2015, Derek played a live streaming house show from his living room. Fans from a handful of countries tuned-in to watch this intimate 90-minute concert of random songs & requests, including songs from all of his solo albums (and even a few from his Caedmon's Call days).

Did you miss it? Here's your chance to own a copy of that experience. Stay tuned for regularly scheduled online house shows, each month or so.

In order to make the files more convenient to download, the video has been split into 2 parts (approximately 1.5 GB each).


  1. I Want A Broken Heart
  2. Nobody Loves Me
  3. Mockingbird
  4. I Hate Everything (But You)
  5. Table For Two
  6. Closer Than You Think
  7. Nothing (Without You)
  8. A New Law
  9. The Spirit Vs. The Kick Drum
  10. Center Aisle
  11. A Love That’s Stronger Than Our Fear
  12. Lover
  13. A Real Ghost
  14. American Flag Umbrella


(Due to the streaming nature of the concert, video quality is only standard resolution.)

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